Sh-Boom is the thirteenth and penultimate episode of Season 6.

Plot Edit

In a flashback, Bush Lyle and Mackenzie O'Brien have a lovely picnic on the grass just outside Lychness's Cathedral. The meeting is interrupted by a swarm of newly-developed coots. Mackenzie is kissed on the leg trying to escape, but Lyle pulls her atop one of the picnic tables, attempting to save her. One of the coots pulls Mackenzie down and she is kissed alive by the horde. Lyle helplessly screams until hand-gunfire kills all but Mackenzie's now cootified body. Nigel Longtail and Bradley Shawnathan emerge from the bushes, and they help Lyle to safety, leaving Mackenzie alive to live in coot form.

Deaths Edit

  • Mackenzie O'Brien (cootified in flashback; current fate unknown)
  • Bush Longtail (shot by Looney Lion while attempting to protect Little-Kitty and Otty)


  • This and its follow-up "And I Love Her" mark the first two-part episode.

Music featuredEdit

  • La Vie en rose by Louis Armstrong 
  • Sh-Boom by The Cords 

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