Otty Otto
Vital statistics
Status {{{status}}}
Death percentage 59%
Gender Male
Species African clawless otter
Relationship(s) Little-Kitty Furball
Faction Looney's Group
Title Co-deputy (shared with Bush Longtail, "Minutes Gone By" to "Sh-Boom")
Group status Active
Appearances All episodes
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Otis Oliver "Otty" Otto (born December 31, 1983) is the former co-deputy to Looney Lion in his cootie defense group. He lost this title in the episode "Sh-Boom", as Looney deemed him untrustworthy due to his close relationship with the half-coot, Little-Kitty Furball. As explained by Howard Elliot, Little-Kitty contracted the cootie disease via contagion, so she can still kiss and interact closely with Otty without him being at danger. His love for Little-Kitty is shown to be very deep and he has put himself in much peril to protect her.

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