Bush Lyle
Vital statistics
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Death percentage 74%
Gender Male
Species Greater bushbaby
Relationship(s) Mackenzie O'Brien (formerly)
Faction The Bulldozers
Title Deputy
Group status Active
Appearances 31
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Not to be confused with Bush Longtail, Looney's deputy, or Peabody's other Bushes, Berry and Quincy.

"Do you think I like killing people? My heart takes hit every time I pull this goddamn trigger, Elliot. But if I have to do it for Mackenzie, you can bet every penny I will."

--Lyle to Howard Elliot

Bush Micah Lyle (born May 17, 1984) is the deputy to Nigel Longtail in his bulldozer cootie-defense group, and he is the second main antagonist in Season 6. Lyle is very trigger-happy and also showcases skilled agility. His former girlfriend, Mackenzie O'Brien, was cootified early in the apocalypse, the impact of which has forced him to be nearly heartless when dealing with enemies.

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