Bush Longtail
Vital statistics
Status {{{status}}}
Death percentage 86%
Gender Male
Species Greater bushbaby
Relationship(s) Diamond Petris (before cootification)
Family Jr. Longtail (brother)
Tom Longtail (brother)
Little Toots Longtail (cousin)
Nigel Longtail (cousin)
Ringy Longtail (cousin)
Cousin Longtail (cousin)
Faction Looney's Group
Title Co-deputy (formerly, with Otty Otto)
Deputy ("Sh-Boom" to present)
Group status Active
Appearances All (though only as a corpse in "And I Love Her")
Portrayed by {{{portrayed by}}}
Bush Ian Longtail (born June 15, 1984) is Looney Lion's best friend, and a member of his cootie defense group. Because of his closeness with Looney, he and Otty Otto both served as co-deputies in the group, until Looney deemed Otty untrustworthy and demoted him from the title in "Sh-Boom". He is one of the most nonviolent members of the group, but because of this has died at the end of 86% of the episodes. Before the cootie apocalypse, he had a romantic relationship with Diamond Petris, but she contracted the disease in "Minutes Gone By".

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